This page is dedicated to a moment of each day—soon, a year’s worth of them—in a city called Taipei, on an island called Taiwan, off the coast of China. The page operates from the belief that every day carries a trillion memorable moments and if we can salvage even one, every day, we can begin cumulatively to feel the significance of the whole project.

In order not to spend too cavalierly anyone’s time, in order to make this thing interesting and artful, and in order to encourage more personal communication by those who want to know more, the moments will not be expanded too much in their translation from universe to words. Less is more, as these moments continue to happen, even now.

New business as of the end of August, 2011.

This page is finished. The project has been accomplished, the moments preserved. They are there to read.

Now I am going away from Taiwan and to other places, and even less is even more: the moments will heretofore be allowed to happen without being systematically recorded, so that they can marinate and be what they are.

Writing what has happened can only do so much. Being as it is in service of what happens.

  1. Dennis, your blogs have been a true pleasure for me. I suspect they are about to end. I will miss them. As I miss you.

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